Ajay Srivastav is a critically acclaimed musician and song writer who reflects the life and lessons learnt as a British born artist of Indian heritage, with uplifting songs of protest and change.

His unique rootsy guitar style is layered with inflections of sitar and sarod. This ability to merge scales, and techniques from classical Indian music with slide guitar playing, are down to his continual search for commonality where there is difference.

“The fusion happened inside me… what you hear is the sound of my varied experiences. Breaking down musical boundaries comes easy when you’ve spent your life living at the crossroads of different cultures.”

A seasoned musician and performer, Ajay has played guitar in the studio and on stage with diverse range of artists including Gregory Isaacs, DJ Ritu, Jah Wobble and Zakir Hussain. Then, whilst visiting his ancestral home in the ancient city of Varanasi, he took the time out to draw on his experiences and influences to develop his own musical vison.

“I just wanted to say my thing… I was tired of listening to other people talking – I want to be heard, and this is what I have to say. And I hope people understand where I’m coming from.”

His albums ‘Karmic Blues’ and ‘Powerless’ are the perfect antidote to the polarised times we live in, exploring issues of division, identity, mental health, inequality and faith. Often asking big questions and offering searing insights grounded in peace, positivity, and redemption.

Listen in, you’ll hear a lifetime between those notes.